Artist Statement:

I explore the embodied feeling of memories that live within me. These internal imprints cannot be detached from either distance or time, as I strive to fuse past and present. A specific theme that I have explored is the pain of feeling captured by restriction, and the ensuing impulse to flee — the need to be set free from constraints and restraints: cultural, religious, psychological. I have chosen the two separate mediums of prints and sculptures within which to represent my inner visions, one complimenting the other. It is my hope that in this duality, the viewer can process my work as a multi-dimensional experience.


Zipi is a Brooklyn-based artist born and raised in Jerusalem. Upon completing her military service, she graduated with distinction in design from The College of Management in Tel-Aviv. In 2005, she moved to NYC to pursue work in the design field.  Eventually, Zipi found herself drawn to more fluid and open-ended forms of expression.


Green’s prints are created out of her photography work.  Her collages combine photographs she takes while traveling with staged photographs in which Green performs a feeling she wishes to express.  Often Green photographs places that stimulate a sense of curiosity about the psychic, internal spaces that she wishes to explore.  At other times, Green is stimulated by an overwhelming feeling which she ultimately expresses in her created scene.


Green invented a technique that combines aluminum mesh and glue to create sculptures. The sculptures appear to be opaque and solid; but, when combined with light, they suddenly appear soft and translucent. Green immerses color into the sculptures either by collage work or within the glue itself.


Green's design/architectural projects have been planned during her studies at the The College of Management in Tel-Aviv. During her studies she was exposed to many different forms of expressions such as photography, painting, sculpture, model building and drawing. Practicing different techniques has provided her with many tools which she uses and practices in her current art making. The process of planning and designing allows her in her current work to define a concept/theme/motive which she want to explore and express while using tools from her previous practice.